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Claire's Blooms is a local, wholesale grower of premium flowers and greens. Historically specializing in Dahlias, we are excited to introduce our vast selection of specialty flowers and fillers for 2019. Florists will now have access to fresh, locally grown flowers from April through October. Utilizing our specialized nutritional and proprietary growing process, we care for each flower we grow. Our objective is to maximize the natural beauty of each exceptional bloom, so that you can capitalize on each arrangement that you design!

Claire and Larry have been growing dahlias and other flowers for a hobby for over 25 years. Realizing they had something special growing, they began to grow commercially as a business endeavor three years ago. In addition to Claire's Blooms, Larry also owns a wholesale formulation and distribution company named, BioPlex Organics. They develop and market specialty products for the extended Green Industry. Over the years, he has formulated and perfected a special water soluble fertilizer, nutrient specific, for his prize winning dahlias. During the growing season, if Claire isn't cutting blooms to fill an order, she is cutting blooms for her daily bouquet for the house or a friend.

Purple Dahlia flower

The 2019 Fresh-Cut Designer Collection includes 120 dahlia selections from domestic, international, commercial, and private collections. Coupled with our dahlias we will be offering 130 other flowers and greens for your design needs.

The Ultimate in Quality & Freshness — the #1 Choice for Designers, Event Planners, and Florists

As a designer or event planner, your business depends on offering flower choices with blooms that are both beautiful and durable. We thoroughly understand and certainly agree that the fresher, the better!

Often because of logistics, when blooms arrive at your location from other wholesale suppliers, your flowers may be 4 or 5 days old (leaving them more sensitive to premature petal shatter). That doesn't leave you much time before your flowers reach their optimal bloom span.

Claire's Blooms, on the other hand, ensures your order is filled with the freshest blooms possible so that you can delight the most discriminating customers every time. Claire's measures freshness in hours, not days. We offer a 100% Satisfaction, Money-Back Freshness Guarantee on any bloom you purchase from us.

Our Wholesale Fresh-Cut Dahlias

Claire's Blooms is both the dahlia grower and wholesale supplier. We strive to harvest your blooms with exceptional care so that they exhibit their full genetic potential at the right time. Your flowers will be cut within just a few hours of when you pick them up or when we deliver them. From the field to your cooler, your blooms are never out of water which is enhanced with both a preservative and hydration treatment.

Grow Local — Grow Quality — Grow Together.

fresh Dahlia flowers

What's New This Year?

We have expanded our inventory for 2019! In addition to our vast dahlia collection, we are offering 130 other flowers and greens. Variety is the spice of life and we are thrilled to offer lots of floral variety!

Our 2019 designer dahlia collection has approximately 120 dahlia varieties that span 10 exquisite design pallets. With 2,500 dahlia plants on our farm, we hope to have 1,200,00 extraordinary designer blooms. The versatility of our dahlia collection includes the 2019 Pantone color of the year, Live Coral. With over 80 different dahlia styles, sizes, and shades; we offer a nearly endless array of floral design possibilities. 600 Café au Lait add to our elegant bloom collection as well as our 8 options of color pallet (live coral, blush, café au lait, pink, white, red, yellow, and orange) to provide endless possibilities for your designs.

Dahlia Pick-Up and Delivery

You can pick up your dahlia orders at Lititz farm location by appointment. To ensure freshness, we put every stem immediately into water after we cut it in our garden—and it remains in water until you receive it. We are planning to deliver weekly to south-central PA. More distant deliveries, up to 125 miles, can be negotiated with order placement.

Our Wholesale Fresh-Cut Peonies

Peony orders can be either picked up or delivered by FedEx Express® Overnight service.

2019 Price List / Order Form

See for yourself the stunning and exquisite Claire's Blooms fresh-cut flower collection for 2019. You only have one opportunity to create a "first-impression" with your design clients. What better way than to impress them with one of the largest, most extensive and diverse 2019 Collection of Claire's Blooms! Claire's Blooms remains your one-stop supply resource for unequaled, unprecedented, FRESH and EXQUISITE floral wedding blooms April thru October! BLOOMS your BRIDES will fall in LOVE with!

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Pink Peonies
Dahlia flowers in field
Dahlia flowers growing in field
Dahlia flower in bloom

Opportunity to SAVE More for Larger Volume Purchases

If you qualify as a "Preferred Priority Designer," you will get special discounted rates. Contact us via email at to request an application.

Cut fresh to your order Direct from our garden to you

2019 Claire's Dahlia Collection
2019 Claire's Peony Collection
fresh Dahlia flower closeup
Dahlia wedding arrangement
Dahlia flowers growing in field
fresh pink Dahlia flower
yellow Dahlia flowers in field
fresh Dahlia flower closeup
Dahlia flowers in field
Maroon color Dahlia flower
Peach color Dahlia flower
Lavender color Dahlia flower
Peony flower
Peony wedding flower arrangement
Peony wedding flower arrangement
Peony flower
Pink Peony flower
Peony flower field
Pink Peony flowers
Peony flower
Green Halo Flower

See what others are saying about our flowers

"Claire's Blooms are unbeatable! The size and perfection of each flower is worth every penny. Larry has a truly green thumb and the beauty of his flowers reflects the extra special love and care he gives them."

April Reardon, Bend in the River Farm – Fredrick, MD

Dahlia flower illustration

"You cannot go wrong with Claire's Blooms when in search of gorgeous, lush dahlias, zinnias and celosia to name a few. We particularly are obsessed with their fresh cut dahlias. We are a local floral shop who provides only the freshest of quality blooms. Larry and Claire are the most sincere, honest and loyal people you will ever come across. Larry is always super prompt in his replies and genuinely cares about your opinions with regard to his product (after delivery). The amount of dedication he puts into his farm, product and delivery speaks volumes about his business. We most certainly will be returning in 2018 and very much so look forward to continuing to do business with Larry and Claire for this upcoming Wedding Season.

I cannot thank you enough Claire's Blooms for the beautiful product you would hand over to us on a weekly basis in 2017. I am so thrilled I stumbled across your website while in search of a local dahlia provider. Certainly do not hesitate on their product - it is jaw-dropping!!!'

Kerry Fabrizio, Fabufloris, Philadelphia, Horsham, PA